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Tyler Keller

Virtuoso Guitarist and Musician

Learning to play the guitar can be a wonderful experience. Music is basically another language that is based on the skillful manipulation of a limited set of musical notes, in an unlimited set of ways. Music Theory allows you to express yourself in a way that is unmatched by almost anything else.

It’s easy to see why music, and especially guitar, has such a powerful and attractive effect on people. I know that its one of the reason I picked up the guitar. It has boundless potential and allows you to effectively express your thoughts and feelings among many other things.

Gain the Mastery That I’ve Taught Others

Sometimes when your writing a song may actually leave you feeling somewhat frustrated. This can happen because learning to play the guitar and writing music at an advanced level requires you to learn a variety of different songs & music as well as learning Music Theory. As an aspiring musician you must learn the tools and techniques that may seem difficult, if not impossible to learn at first. But If you do nothing else but play other artists songs you will not develop and grow as a true musician and songwriter. The best thing that you can do is find a balance of both worlds.

For this reason, taking songwriting lessons is an important part of your musical education. Learning to create and perform your own songs and truly expressing yourself. By taking this part of my guitar program, it will insure that one day you will find your own voice and creativity to become a full fledged and professional musician.

Rote Learning vs Actual Understanding

Rote Learning is basically a memorization learning technique that is based on the repetition of a specific task enough times that it becomes a habit. The idea is that the more you practice a certain skill or exercise, the more quickly and easily you will be able to perform moving forward.Rote learning may not be appropriate for all situations, but it certainly has its benefits. It has its most value when learning fundamental knowledge such as chords, scales, picking, and learning to read music.

As great a thing as rote learning is, it really isn’t the best for learning to improvise or create new music. It is absolutely wonderful and extremely useful but it does not help to unleash the creativity within you. By learning and understanding music theory you will be taking your first steps to becoming a true musician and songwriter.

Master the Rules first, Then Forget Them

I know that's bad but it’s what the truly great musicians tend to do. One way or another, they learn the necessary skills that are needed to perform the physical parts of playing music. After they mastered these skills they are free to almost forget everything. A great example of this are top jazz musicians, who are great at improvisation and some may consider them legendary. It may take some time to learn these skills, but it defiantly pay off. I’ve been there before, so I can teach you everything you need to know in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of frustration.

When You Take Songwriting Guitar Lessons in Lincoln You Will Become a Renewed Player

There is nothing wrong with learning your favorite songs. Playing the works of others is a great way to express respect and admiration for the greatest of songwriters. And many musicians at live shows will play these popular classics for large audiences that love them. I have never heard of a single musician or group who hasn’t covered another artist. The music world needs those that play and re-imagine the works of others.

It also can’t be denied that music is an art, and as with any art there is always a strong need for creativity. Great artists always find new ways to express their personal experiences and their innermost thoughts and feelings. Many consider original songwriting to be the life and soul of what keeps music strong and fresh.

Songwriting guitar lessons will give you the skills and ability to uncover your full potential within. A few of these skills include:

  • Learning what a musical Key is.

  • Learning about rhythm and timing.

  • Learning what chords are, how to build them, and how to use them.

  • Learning what melodies are, and how to create them.

  • Help you to think about how songs are structured.

  • Rules of thumb about lyrics and lyric writing.

  • Finding good subjects for your songs.

  • Learning what improvisation is.

  • and much much more!

If you are an aspiring guitarist who wants to learn not just the nuts and bolts of music theory, but how to actually put these parts together to create something special and amazing. Simply click below for the best songwriting guitar lessons in Lincoln. I will solve all of your problems and the first session is absolutely FREE! So, What are you waiting for?

Guitar Lessons With Ty Keller

Tyler Keller is dedicated to helping guitarists and musicians elevate their skills through advanced techniques, expressive phrasing, and the effective use of music theory.

Unlike many online instructors, Tyler has personally taught hundreds of students in various styles, applying the same strategies he will share with you.

Tyler incorporates these principles in his own musicianship and compositions. He has toured extensively across the Midwest and performed with national acts such as Trapt, Drowning Pool, Saliva, Head Automatica, Tantric, and Ludo. Through his geometric growth learning style, Tyler has trained countless guitarists to become more efficient and precise.

His extensive experience and unique expertise offer you the opportunity to learn guitar quickly and create your own music and solos, regardless of your previous musical background.

*Note: Tyler’s results are individual and are not indicative of guaranteed outcomes. Please refer to the full disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

What My Students Say About Lessons


I love music, but it takes me longer to learn. What should I do?

Don't worry; many people face the same challenge, and it's completely manageable. I highly recommend enrolling in a few of my sessions, which run 3-4 times a week.

What are your available days and times for lessons?

I’m available from Sunday & Monday late afternoon to early evening.

Why should I take lessons when there's so much free information online?

While there's a lot of information online, much of it is inaccurate and unverified. Online tutorials often lead to bad habits due to their sporadic teaching methods. In contrast, enrolling in structured lessons helps you learn progressively. Additionally, you'll get to play with fellow musicians and gain techniques, habits, and ideas that you can only acquire through formal lessons.

What makes you a better choice than other guitar trainers?

Our studio offers more than just private guitar lessons; we provide a comprehensive training workshop with group learning sessions. Our focus is on geometric learning, allowing you to progress more quickly. Moreover, I am a member of an International Guitar Teacher Organization, where several guitar teachers share ideas and techniques to help students learn efficiently and effectively.

Do you teach how to read music notes?

Yes, I do teach note reading, but in a unique way compared to the traditional methods. While it's not crucial for beginners, I offer note reading instruction for those interested, similar to how it's taught in piano lessons.

Is practice a part of your training program?

Absolutely. I recommend practicing for 30 minutes every day, six days a week, to master the guitar. Practicing more is even better since it's the most effective way to learn. Consistent practice helps reinforce what you've learned during lessons.

Will my fingers hurt when I start learning?

Yes, your fingers may hurt for the first couple of weeks, but this will stop once you develop calluses. After that, your fingers will adapt to the guitar strings. If your fingers are particularly sensitive, there are other options, like using finger picks, but it's best to start with your bare fingers.

I don't have a guitar. Can I borrow one from you?

I do have training guitars available for sessions. However, I don't offer a rental program. I recommend purchasing your own guitar or finding a rental program at a local guitar shop to use while learning.

Can I keep my nails long while playing guitar?

No, you need to keep your nails short to play the guitar correctly. Long nails will get in the way and make it difficult to play. To avoid damaging your nails, it's best to keep them trimmed.

Do you offer lessons for children?

Yes, I offer guitar training sessions for children as young as 8 years old. For younger children, ukulele or piano lessons might be more suitable to start with.

How long does it typically take to learn to play the guitar?

It's hard to pinpoint exactly how long it will take to learn the guitar as it depends on several factors. However, the more you practice, the faster you'll learn new techniques.

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