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Learn How To Play The Guitar Even If You Never Thought You Could

  • Have you dreamed of learning to play guitar and want to learn fast?

  • Are you a beginner guitar player having a difficult time getting started?

  • Would you like to find a way to express your true self and relax?

  • Have you tried teaching yourself and feel frustrated and stuck?

  • Do you want to learn how to play guitar from a true pro?

  • Are you looking for the best guitar lessons in Lincoln NE?

If your answer was “yes” and you’ve been thinking about taking guitar lessons. I promise that you can learn how to play guitar too & become the guitarist you’ve always dreamed of.

Let Yourself be Heard & Take a Leap Forward

When I first signed up for guitar lessons in Lincoln I was brimming with excitement! I knew that I would soon be able to play all of my favorite songs. I was fascinated, but at the same time nervous. And if you are anything like me, chances are you probably feel the same way. But learning to play guitar is fun, and can be just as easy when you have the right teacher.

Learning guitar will open the doors of creativity, confidence, and self expression. Becoming a great guitarist was like filling a missing gap within myself. I'm absolutely confident that you too can become a stellar guitarist. You will learn to play guitar in a way that is fun, and will always keep you hungry for more.

"Lessons with Ty Keller are a great choice for anyone wanting to improve their guitar playing. His passion, dedication, and high-expectations ensure that you will get the highest value lessons around!" -Chris Hirsch

"I've played guitar in bands with Tyler off and on for the last 9 years. Tyler is a true musician from his head to his heart. The rest of us in the band looked to Tyler as a musical resource when we wrote songs, and he certainly provided. You can call him a guitar guru, a wizard, or a master - Tyler is all of it! I am honored to have called him a bandmate and a teacher." -Tim McKitterick

"I remember the first time I saw Tyler play guitar when he was with his band Wayward and all I could really think was this kid kills it on guitar! There's people who can play guitar and there's people who can really play and perform with their guitar. Tyler definitely has the passion, on and off stage and is someone who has definitely mastered his craft and you know it’s what makes him who he is." -Anthony Butterfield, Drummer of The Light Collection

"I would highly recommend Ty to anyone looking to learn guitar or just improve on the playing skills they already have. He's incredibly talented and a great teacher. My playing is constantly improving each week. I love that literally since day one of my lessons he's taught me to play some of my all-time favorite songs. I started out with no experience and I honestly think I'm going to be killing it in no time. Ty's probably the best mentor I could've asked for." -Elle

Ty’s instruction makes lessons a lot of fun, and I actually want to sit down and practice. We learn different things every few weeks so we're not doing the same thing over and over again which is what I look forward to. It gives me a stress outlet when working through the songs. - Tim Linke

Ty helps me learn new things on guitar and it’s fun, we play fast songs, and learn other songs that I like. - Jackson

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7 Reasons Why Learning Guitar Just Works

There are countless reasons to start playing the guitar. From increasing the capacity of your memory to sharpening concentration. It also teaches you discipline and develops your social skills, and not to forget playing the guitar is one of the best hobbies you can possibly have. Why?

1. Improves Memory - Did you know that guitar lessons have many intellectual benefits? Research has shown that playing the guitar helps you remember information better than other who don't play music. They have also found that when you're playing the guitar, the parts of your brain that control memory, hearing, and the part that controls the hands all become more active. This leads to growth and a positive change in the architecture of the brain. Do I still need to tell you that your memory will improve and you'll be able to remember things more easily?

2. Sharpens Concentration -Playing the guitar, as well as the whole process of learning, both requires you to focus on several aspects simultaneously, such as timing, pitch, rhythm and fingering. In other words, guitar lessons will essentially practice your mental muscle of concentration, growing it as if you've done a thousand math problems every day (but with significantly less effort).

3. Enhances Creativity - Playing the guitar will most definitely inspire you to create your own music through improvisation and songwriting, which both make great use of creativity. Creating your own melodies is incredibly rewarding and fun. I always encourage my students to explore improvisation, and they often times surprise themselves with what they've just played. And once you discover just how fascinating improvisation really is, you'll keep creating more. It's pure magic!

4. Develop Social Skills - When you learn to play guitar, your sense of hearing improves dramatically, which allows you to pinpoint what other people are feeling just by the tone of their voice. This goes a long way towards developing social skills and becoming what I call a "social butterfly." Not to mention that when you start working with other musicians on a song, you can learn to appreciate the real value of teamwork!

5. Helps Relieve Stress -To me, there's no better way to relive stresses of the day than playing the guitar. As you progress learning to play the guitar yourself, you will be able to express your feelings more accurately and express your emotions through playing. I find this extremely therapeutic - and you'll see that a few minutes of play a day will keep you healthy and happy!

6. Increases Self -Confidence & Self-Esteem -When it comes to playing the guitar, you can set small goals that can give you a great sense of achievement. Every small goal you achieve during the learning process, such as playing through the end of a line of music, will make you feel better about yourself, satisfying your inner fulfillment and personal pleasure. This will reflect back on other areas of your life, and you will soon find yourself more confident in you own value and abilities!

7. It's Fun! -Ask any guitarist about one thing they like most about playing the guitar and they'll most likely tell you:
it's fun! It makes you feel great, helps relive stress, boosts self esteem, improves social skills, allows you to meet new people, work on projects together, and even develop your style and brand.

The 5 Biggest Mistakes A Guitar Player Can Make

1. You Don't Have Any Goals - Most guitarists like playing just for fun, or as a hobby. But I can tell you that, if you don't have any goals, you'll most likely end up lost and confused. Do you want to become a famous guitarist, join a rock band or just find a form of self-expression? Perhaps you're more interested in becoming a songwriter. Define your goals and you'll achieve a lot more.

2. You Choose the Wrong Teacher -With literally thousands of guitar teachers, it's difficult to separate the good ones from bad ones. A good teacher should be able to guid you through the entire learning process, be willing to correct mistakes, and encourage you to use your creativity. If you want to take guitar lessons in Lincoln make sure you choose the right teacher. They should care about you and your goals and know the steps to get you there.

3. Your Technique is Improper -To be a successful guitarist, you need to develop the right technique of playing the guitar form the early stages of the learning process. It's common for guitarists to want to speed up the process, but you should always take the time to learn the basics and develop the right technique, or else you'll end up nowhere.

4. You Practice the Wrong Things -There is a lot to learn when it comes to playing the guitar, but if you want to be successful, you need to focus specifically on the right things. Developing the right technique and playing basic songs comes first, and they can go a long way towards helping you get where you want to be. Staying focused on what really matters will help you get where you want to be fast and with little effort.

5. You Neglect to Develop Your Ear -Aural techniques are critical to being a guitarist. They help you improvise, make up your own songs, and identify the mistakes that you're making so you can improve your skills. This was the case for me.
I could have removed many hours of frustration if I had started practicing ear training techniques in my beginning stages.

Learn Guitar The Right Way

I understand how difficult learning guitar may seem. I myself thought that it was like learning a different language when I first started playing. But as long as you have the right teacher, the right strategies, and the desire to learn guitar. You will achieve everything you want and a whole lot more.

Save Time, Money, and Stress While Getting The Results You Want

  • Lesson plans tailored to your unique needs and goals. Unlike most teachers, I don't have a one-size -fits all approach. Everyone is different, and I will help you become an outstanding guitarist.

  • 100% committed to your success, and will be there for you every step of the way.

  • You learn how play guitar in a way that's with less challenge & frustration and more fun & exhilarating.

  • Efficiently learn everything you need to play the guitar in the shortest time! You will save money and still become an awesome guitarist!

  • Play with other musicians, and get the opportunity to know them, share experiences, and even work on projects together. You will learn what teamwork means, and you'll be able to actually apply your creativity.

  • You will learn New Age methods and strategies in learning to play the guitar. You'll have fun and learn a the same time.

Go for it! It's time to pick up the axe and start playing. You'll never have better opportunity than right now!

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